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The Dark Brotherhood have a list of people who are against us. That means, we add them to our hit list. They will be killed on sight by all Dark Brotherhood members, and will not be removed unless they agree that we have beat them and swear to abide by our laws. However, if they persist their old ways, they will be permanently added to the list. 

These are also the people the members hunt in order to rank up, so conflict is common. You should hope to not be on here. The list is updated daily, by the Guild Leader.

If you do not add us on Skype, you have an alternative to see hit players locations. The News tab above will be updated when a hit is spotted, and other important news for the rest of the clan. Make sure you have this open.

LainerMainer ( Mostly on EU servers. Good fighter, very dangerous. 5 KILL REWARD!!!)

GalaxyWolff [ A very hated list member. Can fight alright. 3 KILL REWARD!!!]

Immortal_State [ Very high equip, and extremely good at PVP. 3+ full irons required to take him down.  5 KILL REWARD!!!]

Jagejag [Part name unkown, also medium PVP skills.  2 kill reward.]

BlackWraithh [ Member of SN. Good fighter, and has a large clan as backup. 4 kill reward!!!]

Aceodiamonds [ Unkown location, and unkown PVP skills. 1 kill reward. ]

Apollo_15 [ Highly equip and very dangerous. 3 kill reward!!]

Rolfy14 [ Not much known about him. 1 kill reward. ]

Dj_Champignon [ Hangs around the Carmi area mostly. 2 kill reward.] 

Razapo [ Travels with Frozen3003 sometimes. High danger level. 4kill reward! ]

nick12dude52 [ Usually in spawn gear, simple to take down. Found in the south usually. 2 kill reward. ]

Frozen3003 [ Very highly equip and SMART, extremely dangerous. Three+ full irons required to take down. 5 kill reward!!! ]

fungirl [ Not much known. 1 kill reward. ]

yawavarma[ Highly equip usually. 3 kill reward! ]

MattiasK97 [ Travels all around the map. Should be easy to kill. In Team Blank, I believe. 3 kill reward!! ]

ALL MEMBERS OF CLAN: THE DRIFTERS  [ 1 kill reward per member. ]

kevinkat2 [ High equip, and good with a bow. Travels with zachss. 4 kill reward. ]

zachss [ Highly equip and dangerous, found at Spire sometimes. Travels with kevinkat2. 4 kill reward. ]

redstonehelper [ Literally insane, will backstab aswell. 3 kill reward. ]

ROFL_al1 [ High equip. Nothing more really known. 4 kill reward. ]

kenned0400 [ Usually in alright gear, alright fighting skill. No more than 2 members required to kill. 2 kill reward.]

LifeGoesOn_   [Usually in good gear, very dangerous. On EU1 mostly. Location is varied.  5 kill reward!]

fatbat100 [ Full iron usually, VERY dangerous. Usually at Spire. 5 kill reward! ]

ostepops [ Chain gear, hangs around Carmi. With two others usually, pretty dangerous. 2 kill reward.]

iamtoogoodforyou [ Premium spawner. Will come back and back. Decent fighter. Hangs around Carmi or Romero. 2 kill reward. ]

MatasHD [ Working with Nick12dude52. A zombie horder. A decent fighter too. Found mostly at Carmi on EU2. 3 kill reward. ]

Joachim611 [ Hacker. Also, decent equip.  3 kill reward! ]

qlNoodle511lp [ Hangs around Grimdale sometimes on EU. Will come back again and again with zombie hordes. 3 kill reward!! ]

bratiwka [ Works with qlNoodle511lp. Can be found around grimdale and portsmouth usually. 3 kill reward!! ]

Pancro [ Highly Equip. Very good fighter. Known to be around Spire and Evergreen Manor. 4 kill reward! ]

jeddac [ Works with Pancro. Location unknown mostly. Hangs are EU5. 2 kill reward! ]

ALL MEMBERS OF TEAM BLANK. [ Two kills per member. ]

Lossbac [ Not a good fighter. Will use zombie trains. Not good gear usually. Found around Carmi. 1 kill reward. ]

ALL TEAM HATED. [ 2 kills per member. ]

Felkku [ Good fighter. Kills counts for TEAM HATED Works with team hated. ]

Jordanmahon [ Works with Team Hated.   Kills counts for TEAM HATED. Wrecked before.]

Team_Hated [  A coward. Wrecked his entire clan.  Kills counts for TEAM HATED.]

Stinky7400 [ Part name unkown, assume anyone with name: Stinky to be a target. Hangs around Romero. 2 kill reward. ]

All Members of Clan TLS, this is due to Stinky. [ 2 kills per member. ]

nostail [ Wanted for murder of Dark Brotherhood assassins. Should be easy to kill. Found near Carmi. 1 kill reward. ]

galenko2 [ Works with Team_Havoc. Wrecked him before in a clan fight.  Kills counts for TEAM HATED]

davido_Lol_Lol [ Works with Team_Hated. Wrecked the clan.  Kills counts for TEAM HATED]

Chanizard  [ Works with DMC123DMC, a former hit list. He is a good fighter. Location: Cole Castle, and around Carmi. 4 kill reward. ]

Jammyboy12 [ Watned for insulting the Dark Brotherhood. Mostly at grimdale with a few friends in chain. Eu3 ]

SoderN [ At Grimdale Theives guild mostly. Decnet equip and good fighting skills.  EU2. 4 kill reward!! ]

borissegal [ Wanted for attacking us at Grimdale during advertising. On EU3/EU2 mostly at Theives Guild. 2 kill reward! ]

GoreckiJan [ Wanted for the same thing as Borissegal. Usually at Theives Guild on EU2. Decent fighter. 3 Kill Reward!! ]

Netkrad [ At Grimdale. Killed me in full Iron for no reason. 3 kill reward!! ]

Pnir [ Usually at Grimdale on EU2-EU4. Comes back and back via Premium. Kill once then leave. 3 kill reward! ]

1337king [ Backstabber. A right idiot aswell. He'll be about Grimdale. Eu4, or EU3. 4 kill reward!! ]

LegendOfSweden [ Backstabber. A good fighter. Hangs around EU1-Eu2. 3 kill reward!! ]